Sporting Futsal Returns! SMFC Adds Street Futsal to Player Development

by Dave Johnson

Sporting Maryland FC has included street futsal training for this winter to complement their year-round training program.  This program will allow players to develop their skills and learn the game while in a safe environment during today’s pandemic.   While 2020 has altered almost everything in how society functions, this modified outdoor program has simplified the traditional futsal winter format to hone in on the pride of SMFC’s history - Player Development. 

For 21 years SMFC has provided high-level futsal training from youth to professionals in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area.  While many accolades in the state, regional, national, and international level have been attained over their 21 years, bringing awareness to the sport and developing confident players that enjoy the beautiful game has been SMFC’s main goal.  While the skills learned in futsal has undoubtedly helped players to develop a quick mind on the court and passion for the small-sided game, it has indirectly helped develop some of the most talented local soccer players who have gone on to play at university, professional and national team levels.

With the Covid-19 pandemic affecting our country by the minute, SMFC has designed the program to provide for the safety of its membership while offering an effective and safe way to learn and enjoy the game of futsal during these times.  

Being outdoors allows for the safest possible setting to provide instruction and allow physical distance. All players/coaches will be required to undergo health checks before each session throughout this time.  Face coverings will be included in every Street Futsal Training Package and participants will be required to wear them at all times while not on the court. 

With no league or event participation, players will work in a pressure-free environment, promoting creativity, enjoyment, and self-expression.  The format for each session will vary in style, ranging from 5v5 traditional futsal to 3v3 streetball. The high technical focus of the program will allow players to develop further their skill set, allow a smooth transition for futsal competition when the time is safe and continue overall development for the modern soccer player.  

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